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My YA dystopian novel, first released by Wallace Publishing on 9th February 2021... 

Wyn is a sixteen-year-old who has been brought up in the care of the Sisters, members of the religious community called The Old Collection. Between their lifestyle and the oppressions of society—which is trying to regain control through segmenting cities, bringing in a gender divide and restricting freedom—Wyn is desperate for adventure and excitement. Approaching the end of her education, Wyn is looking at her options, and the lack of opportunities fuels Wyn’s desire. After years of watching the soldiers in the city’s army training base, she decides that this is where her excitement could be and, with some persuasion, Wyn decides that somehow she needs to sign up. To do this she must deceive them all and prove herself in training; a lot of hard work ensues as she prepares to go undercover as a cadet in The Southern Company. Once in the Company, the hard work doesn’t stop. Wyn must work hard to maintain her cover whilst also trying to prove herself and create allies along the way. However, when new organisations get involved, the pressure and challenges faced by the cadets only increases, and things get more complicated. Can Wyn achieve her goal and prove societal oppression wrong, or will she crumble under the pressure?

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What's coming next? 

The sequel to Necropolis has been long awaited and is in the works so check out here for any updates...

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